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2015-12-30T06:52:00Z (C) Ross Waugh's Photographs Ross Waugh's Photographs Rationalising the Lens Kit for Travel

I travel a lot for work, and one of objectives of my lens choices is to have a nice light, high image quality kit for travel.

When I am travelling I have my camera gear, laptop and associated cables etc in the Think Tank Shapeshifter bag.  The bag has 5 internal neoprene pockets.  Because Pentax prime lenses are generally small and light, and the K3 is relatively small for a DSLR I can fit 2 primes to a pocket and this generally allows me to travel with the K3 and a wide zoom mounted in one pocket, the HD 55-300 tele-zoom in another, and 4-5 additional primes in the remaining 3 pockets.

I also take a Crumpler 5 bag with me for shoulder day bag - which has room for the K3, 2 zooms, and one prime.

In May 2014 when i purchased the K3 the DA*16-50mm f2.8 was my main wide angle walk around zoom.  This is a very good lens, and is also water/dust sealed.  The downside is the lens is relatively heavy and bulky.  

In an effort to lose some of the weight and bulk associated with the DA*16-50 in August 2014 I purchased the Pentax water resistant kit lens the DA 18-55mm WR.  This lens travelled with me for nearly a year, but I found I didn't use it so much - more using primes for better image quality.

The DA*16-50 was also neglected during this period.  

August 2015 saw a very good quality (like new) Pentax HD DA 20-40mm f2.8-4 WR lens came up second hand at a very reasonable price.  I purchased this DA 20-40mm.  The lens has water resistance, very good image quality and light weight.  This lens has become my wide angle walk around lens, that stays on the K3 as the default lens in the bag.

Subsequent to the purchase of the DA 20-40mm I have sold both the DA*16-50 and DA 18-55 WR lenses. 

If I need wider that the 20mm provided by the zoom I have the DA 15mm f4 Limited prime in my bag, which is a very good little lens.

So far the DA 20-40mm Limited has proved to be a very good lens, and I have been quite happy with the images I am getting from it.

Boardwalk, Caroline Bay, TimaruBoardwalk, Caroline Bay, Timaru©Ross Waugh

Ross Waugh's Photographs (C) Ross Waugh's Photographs 2015-12-30T06:51:30Z 2015-12-30T06:51:30Z Pentax K3, May 2014

Soon after returning from Tokelau my Pentax K5 camera died, and was not economic to repair.

I was about to head to the USA and UK in May 2014, and so I decided to buy a Pentax K3 at B&H in New York.

I then used the camera around New York for the few days I was there, and during my subsequent vacation in the UK.

I have been enjoying the extra capability of the Pentax K3 over the K5 - 24MP resolution, no AA filer - it is a very capable camera.

While at B&H I also purchased a Pentax HD DA 55-300mm f4-5.6 WR lens - primarily for the water resistance.  I have been very happy with this lens and it lives in my travel bag.  It is a very good compromise between image quality, light weight, and zoom range for travel.  I subsequently sold my non WR DA 55-300 lens when I got back to New Zealand.

One of my first images with the Pentax K3 near the World Trade Centre with the Pentax DA 15mm Limited lens.

Manhattan near World Trade Memorial, Pentax DA 15mm Limited lensManhattan near World Trade Memorial, Pentax DA 15mm Limited lens©Ross Waugh


Ross Waugh's Photographs (C) Ross Waugh's Photographs 2015-12-30T05:46:23Z 2015-12-30T05:46:23Z Tokelau, March 2014

In March 2014 I visited the atolls of Tokelau in the central Pacific for work, and it also provided some excellent photo opportunities.  I purchased a Think Tank Shapeshifter backpack to carry camera, lenses and computer and took that bag to Tokelau.

There were ship to barge transfers in open sea, so it was good to have a sturdy backpack for this trip.

I took my Pentax K5 and several lens to Tokelau.  It was a very enjoyable time photographically, and I added several albums to the site with images for the trip.


Fakaofa Atoll


Atafu Atoll


Nukunonu Atoll


Being on a small ship close to the atolls as we travelled between the Islands provided the opportunity for some unique images.


The trip took a toll on some of my gear, but was well worth it.


The sunrises and sunsets were spectacular.



Sunrise, Nukunonu Lagoon, Tokelau, Pentax DA 21mm Limited lensSunrise, Nukunonu Lagoon, Tokelau, Pentax DA 21mm Limited lensRoss Waugh



Ross Waugh's Photographs (C) Ross Waugh's Photographs 2015-12-30T04:59:51Z 2015-12-30T04:59:51Z Update to December 2015

Late December is Summer Vacation time in New Zealand, and I am enjoying a good long break this year.

Plenty of time to take my children to the pool and the beach, and just relax and enjoy life.  Also plenty of time to update this blog and the images on the site.

It has been a very busy year both work wise and with my photography.

The following series of blog posts will provide an update of the past couple of years photography and gear

Swan and Cygnets, Saltwater Creek Wetlands, Timaru. Pentax M 200mm lensSwan and Cygnets, Saltwater Creek Wetlands, Timaru. Pentax M 200mm lens©Ross Waugh

Ross Waugh's Photographs (C) Ross Waugh's Photographs 2015-12-30T04:24:14Z 2015-12-30T04:24:14Z Pentax K30

I had the opportunity to play with a Pentax K30 for a week.  It is a very nice camera, with a good feature set.  The autofocus is very fast, better than the K-5 by my observation.  Image quality is very high.  Price for performance a very good camera.  I still like my K-5 better, but for someone looking to purchase a Pentax DSLR or trade up from say a K-r then this a very good camera.

Ross Waugh's Photographs (C) Ross Waugh's Photographs 2012-08-25T08:23:43Z 2012-08-25T08:23:43Z Pentax K-5

I am currently using a Pentax K-5 for my photography.  

I also use a Leica Digilux 2.

I have a range of lenses for the Pentax ranging from a wide angle DA 14mm/2.8 through to a tele-zoom DA 55-300mm.  I own a Zeiss ZK 35/2 which is a stunning lens - and one I use for a lot of my landscape and other photography.

The photograph displayed was taken with the Zeiss ZK 35/2


Ross Waugh's Photographs (C) Ross Waugh's Photographs 2012-08-05T11:09:39Z 2012-08-05T11:09:39Z Start of the Photo Display Site

Sunday 5 August 2012

Have set up the Zenfolio display site using a trial account.

Sorted out the Aperture to Zenfolio plug-in and got it working ok.  This plug-in is really useful and will make keeping this site up to date really easy.  The plug-in works well.

I have loaded a few recent landscape and sunset photos to make a start - it all looks good.

I am intending to use this blog to record photo trips, events etc and provide a little background to some of the activity

Ross Waugh's Photographs (C) Ross Waugh's Photographs 2012-08-05T10:57:27Z 2012-08-05T10:57:27Z