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Matthew at Caroline Bay, July 2014Eilish looking for a Fantail, Timaru Botanic GardensHadassah, Timaru Botanic GardensEilish, 27 December 2013, Pentax QEilish with Chalk at the Garage WallEilish in the Spring Flowers, Timaru Botanic GardenGrant, Katherine Gorge, NT, AustraliaIanJames and EilishEilish at the Band Rotunda, Timaru Botanic GardensHadassah at the Band Rotunda, Timaru Botanic GardensEilish, making James smileEilish in the Bear Hunt Bushes, Timaru Botanic GardensHadassah finding a shell, Caroline Bay, TimaruEilish, Caroline Bay, TimaruEilish and Hadassah in the paddling poolEilish, Christmas 2012Miss B, January 2013Miss B, January 2013Miss B, at a Wedding, Dec 2012

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